3 micropoems

Happy winter solstice. As I close this day and prepare for my final deep meditation of the night, I depart on a few micropoems that, beyond what most of my readers will know, say much on the reflections of the past seasons, all in analogy, of course, to nature.


Like a river you

rushed into me and I

spilled, clumsily:

I didn’t know that was

how love worked.

(fated forest)

From the path,

strayed, led by the beauty;

it was the danger of the wolf

that taught me how to fly.

(river whisper)

Tranquil, transparent,

flexible and refreshing:

the only answer to your thirst,

forever on your tongue

lest you forget the magnitude

of my potential.

Mountains do not carve themselves.

Eden Brackstone - "Placid Waterfall - Glenorchy"

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