Beauty Mirrored

They stood before each other Sure of the other’s beauty And suddenly stilled in the confidence of her own. The “I wish” and “if only” rose Darkening cheeks and shifting eyes They could not escape the taboo desire To acknowledge beauty in both her and her too Because this world has been trained To think…

For my muse (a micropoem)

Just renewed my domain. Three year anniversary, after a dark, nameless slump of antagonostic blank pages. The brief turned into a chapter into an epic Carolyn Forche style. 3 years ago My pen alive again So inspired I kissed you And every time my lips parted Words tumbled secrets Buried into your beard The greatest…

Pumpkin Spice [micropoem]

Like the discarded jack o lanterns Marking the season, I walk, a woman carved out, Without love or reason.

you called for me (a micropoem)

I awoke snuggled into your mind, Clutching your brain close under me, My pillow. Let me stroke ease into your heart, Kiss your third eye, And straddle your [root] chakra To bring you back into the heavens Of our personal dimension. Skin to skin, Soul in soul, I’m here to hold. . . . ….

A Poem a Day (Pt. III)

So, it’s the eighth and this is part three – I’ll get caught up in some way. I’m still busy in Haiti and offer no apologies for that – I’m living! I came across a flash drive I used from 2005-2010 recently and quite by accident. This micropoem from sometime early in 2005 is today’s…

A Poem a Day, Pt. II

This throwback Thursday tosses backwards a little over two weeks to thank Unfold for publishing another one of my micropoems, (broken). If you haven’t much time but still an appetite for poetry, I, again, recommend checking them out for your dose of prose. In the meantime, the poem as published with them is featured below….