A Poem a Day, Pt. II

This throwback Thursday tosses backwards a little over two weeks to thank Unfold for publishing another one of my micropoems, (broken). If you haven’t much time but still an appetite for poetry, I, again, recommend checking them out for your dose of prose. In the meantime, the poem as published with them is featured below….

New Publication

Recently received news that online journal Threeandahalfpoint9  decided to publish one of my shorts. Always grateful to have my work featured anywhere and felt this was a great start to the new year.   You can download a .pdf of the journal above to enjoy (rinse. repeat) alongside several other poets or check out my contribution…

poem published in print – read it online

While in Haiti for a month, I had my mail stopped and received it in bulk just the other day. Scouring through the many depressing bills, annoying credit offers, and miscellaneous other items that simply weren’t anything but an excuse to fund the US Postal system and our tree slaying ventures, I came across my…

Feature by unFold

Nothing new to contribute today, but I had a chance to login from Haiti and see one of my micropoems featured by unFold. unFold specifically publishes tweet-sized pieces of poetry and they are a pretty fantastic addition to have in your feed if you are active on Twitter. Check it out!