Micropoems in the night

Just pieces blowing away on sleep’s impending shadow… [woman – hair] There were sprawling curls like fur Where his previous encounters with them were bald Or slightly spiked Kissed a few days too late after the razor. [woman – hair – addendum] (And he wondered, “smooth like a baby or Forested like a fertile woods?”…

Beauty Mirrored

They stood before each other Sure of the other’s beauty And suddenly stilled in the confidence of her own. The “I wish” and “if only” rose Darkening cheeks and shifting eyes They could not escape the taboo desire To acknowledge beauty in both her and her too Because this world has been trained To think…

Speckled (a micropoem)

Eggshell. Tread lightly. My insides have all run out But aren’t I still warm to the touch? Enjoy my sanity with your breakfast.

For my muse (a micropoem)

Just renewed my domain. Three year anniversary, after a dark, nameless slump of antagonostic blank pages. The brief turned into a chapter into an epic Carolyn Forche style. 3 years ago My pen alive again So inspired I kissed you And every time my lips parted Words tumbled secrets Buried into your beard The greatest…

The last we spoke (a micropoem)

Because that’s what hometowns make: High school “remember the time..?”s And coffins for the people who die young, Those left and waiting recording the absentees in sorry but frank conversation over coffee Like a reunion roll call.