Etymologies between us (pt. 1)

Don’t you know that you’re my hero?He/roLike “hei” like “The Name” and “ro” like “rest”The Name of RestMy sanctuaryGroundingHomeOr ho’me of my originsHoldmeHol’meHomeHome, hero. (June 2020)

Power off

What words can be usedIn some waySome arrangementSensible and appealingThat has not alreadysome idea reiterated?Have we not said enough?Is there no prize for the silenceOf a people assuredComfortable in the companyOf the buzzless dark?

fuck me poetic [a poem]

fuck me poetic. kiss me free of syntax make me scream in tongues pen me down with the bed as your scroll smear my ink across the sheets until every edition of webster’s and Koenig pouring forth upon the both of us.   “exulansis” rolling down your back, “silience” dripping from my neck, “gnossienne” shared,…

oral sex – a micropoem

You speak ejaculate – Take care with where you spill your words, conceiving notions and ideas perhaps, you weren’t ready to see carried out.