uncanned laughter/with a side of thighs (an excerpt)

Excerpt from one of my unfinished epics, feministic and self-loving in nature.

I am quite delighted and proud in being a woman. Actually, I just love it.


I am a woman
let me breathe
cosmos swirling inside me, repeatedly
flooding, overwhelmed by
creation craved,
my art is still not enough.
I am to give birth to the stars,
nest them, nurture them
on the orbit of my hips

I am a woman –
let me breathe.
I am both warrior and goddess
Fighting in ways unseen
So that your focus is held on the light
pyromaniac of sensation,
I am a firestarter.
Tender to your wounds
Pulling knives from your back
To weld against apathy and deceit

I am the woman
let me breathe
A dream embodied [your dream]
Themis scales balanced on my hips,
Yin and yang in every heart thrust,
My mind umbilical to past, present, future,
Sun rising on my smile, vulnerable and trusting,
Humanity’s best waiting in my womb,
My laughter a tonic,
My kiss your path to heaven –

I am a woman –
let me breathe.
I am uncanned laughter
with a side of warm thighs
to the main course of a mind
that dances with hope on potentials,
flirts with the visionary future,
but sleeps with ideas
forged on the fire of a lion’s raging heart,
begetting a voice as strong as the heavens.

I am woman –
let me breathe.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kceleste777 says:

    Speaks on the quiet strength women possess. We rule not through force or submission but reception..


    1. Isn’t it true! And what power is in that ability, a grace.


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