Love chronicling cont. [micropoems]

[Clandestine Nines]
Kisses reaching into eternity
As you reach through my third chakra
Seeking the release
Slightest gasp
As we listen to the rain
Trembling (although you nearly love how I can’t help it)
– did she hear us?
eternity. Breath. The continuance of your hips
Assured by the silence on the other side of what now feels like paper
(though we’ll call it “door”)
Your hand behind my neck guides my lips back to yours
As you assuredly exhale, “that was a good one”
And seek to make another storm
Thunder in our shared heartbeat
We’ll surely flood this bedroom tonight

[y:y, pt vii]
The yin and yang
Microcosm, in the way our bodies fit perfectly
(We were made for this)
Macrocosm, in the way we push and pull through the cycles
(We always come back here)
Balanced, in the moments we collapse
Sweating our vulnerabilities into one another
Gratitude, love, contentment on every panted breath
(We will never abandon Heaven)

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