fitted to the gloom of a suspended rain

Another offering from the dust of my past.
A Hennessy Mirage

drunkenness burned and raged under my skin
as liquid ice pellets met the thirst of my veins
perfectly cracked, the grey sky blue flashes, lightning
and turning wind lashes –

I cried out to hell to help me,
faith in heaven wavering like smoke wisps over
the dying ashes that birthed them;
lust burns like fire in the moon

reflecting her fertile glow;
I’m taken by your human form,
deceptively confident and strong,
I hope to embrace you and the night

a riddling cocktail,
your spirit like the sea
rising to meet me in rhythm
tandem is our passion to carelessness;

by travel of the night
lust becomes fortune
greater than the wealth of the stars,
clouded away to new heights with the yawning a.m.’s approach;
I am jealous of apollo’s feast upon your cheeks,

yet I’ll cherish depreciative the morning
our “love” still entwined,
shroud you in kisses as the night
slips to the bottom of the hour glass

before, with caress and smile, I leave
you to the peace of another

Smoke Art I - Neil Sequeira

One Comment Add yours

  1. Kceleste777 says:

    A beautiful piece delving into the intimacy of two lovers.. Feel as if I’ve happened upon private, intimate moments and I got the privilege of sharing its secrets.


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