When 1 and 1 is 1

12+07, 1+2+7 is ten is 1+0
— that’s one, by numerology:
a beginning, a start
The decisive start to honour the “hello”s on a page
First received 10+7, on an eight
— infinity turned upright,
Should that have been a sign?
A sign we’d be blessed to acknowledge the other 7 before it,
7+1+9, the day we met,
Wandering enamoured
7 we’ve acknowledged and reveled every year since,
7 in total so far and counting,
But we’ve started counting a new seven
— counting from six,
Consummated through the divine of 9,
(Once for the pleasure,
Two times for good measure,)
Times two like 1+2 and plus one again
when you repeated “wife,”
so that’s 4,
A four-letter word on 4,
For all the times we’d missed out but more
importantly for all the times we are about to share
The two of us
Made one
Without reduction
With exponential growth
Math that can’t be explained on paper
but that everyone understands
when given the context of
One and one
is One.

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