About the woman


Writer, educator, and humanitarian, Sharkey uses art both as a medium to acknowledge her vulnerable, spiritual existence in the human form and as a projection of her stance on the social condition of the world she has experienced.

Her immediate goal is to connect and grow with deeper understanding of the world, with a long-term mission to be a part of its healing, specifically in the area of social equities. The self-publication she began in 2014 is a part of her immediate goal to connect with others, whether through inspiration, joys, or empathy of similar pains experienced, and her mission, by using said connections as opportunities to enlighten and be enlightened.

When she is not writing or advocating in social media, Sharkey spends time teaching, reading and researching, practicing capoeira, yoga, meditation, the occasional aerial silks routine, and traveling whenever possible. She has recently become more deeply involved in researching naturopathy for personal health and continues to strive for sustainable methods to reduce her carbon footprint and remain connected to the more natural world.

You can also find her more informational writings on living a sustainable, more naturalized lifestyle at kiss the planet.

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  1. narble says:

    We all wear the world. Some of us can’t help but make road signs.

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