the cheesiest (a rhyme)

I’m not a rhymer, nor one for cheesy patterns and attempted meter and shit, but this light-heartedness followed me and was just what I needed to contrast the heavier piece that will be tomorrow’s finish (a crafted thought on the topic of weighing self versus community, stimulated by something a student said today that went straight to my heart).

But, until then, this bit of cheese I offer up, lightly:


if you want my heart,
go on, cut it out –
I don’t even need it;
if you want my eyes,
they’re yours,
so you can believe what you’re seeing.

i’ve got your love,
and it keeps me believing;
i’ve got my love,
and it keeps me dreaming;

if you want my hands,
just hold out your own –
there’s two for the taking;
if you’d like my mind,
i will forever write,
as long as you’re reading;

i’ve got your love,
and it sets me on fire;
i’ve got my love,
and it moves me higher;

if you want my lips,
demand them the way you did,
i’ll keep to my “always;”
if you want my voice,
just choose your method –
you’ll know how to find me;

if you want my touch,
my hair, these feet,
all I can offer,
take them when you decide
that it’s me your heart trails after;

i’ve got your love
and it’s all that i’ve wanted;
i’ve got my love
and am incredible for it;
i’ve got your love
it’s what my soul is breathing;
i’ve got my love
and yours was part lead-in.

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  1. Kceleste777 says:

    I love the line “i’ve got.yohr love it’s what my soul is breathing.. And “if you love my mind, I’ll keep writing. ❤


    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement ❤

      I'm really not a rhymer or anything but a free-verser (except the haiku, which I looooove to play with), so trying things like this always feels so out of my element and makes me self-conscious!


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