my humanity [a brief crafted thought]

There are moments, sometimes, I feel so justified in my humanity, feel so rightly vulnerable, feel excited, feel alone, feel endlessly hopeful, feel despair, feel desire for my deepest wants that burns to the point of physical ache, feel beautiful, feel foolish, feel too proud, too modest, gullible, feel too easily hurt, feel guarded, too easily amused, feel my standards are too high, feel confused, conflicted, feel that all I can do is love, feel that I am absolutely incredible.

I am. I am all of those things.

This is more than just okay. This is as I should be in this moment because it’s not the end of my path. And yet, even then, I know that by the end, I will still be conflicted, vulnerable, too easily amused, and more, but I’ll still be incredible. I’ll still give my love. And I’ll still be as I am meant to be.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have been born innately knowing your destiny was a little different, a little greater… It comes with all the same insecurities… It requires the same faith… But it develops ten times the strength, even if, sometimes, in that building, it hurts ten times more and requires patience you never thought you had.


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