Dear Explorer

I wonder if I need to walk away from you
Trying to figure out where you stand on the matter
Because I feel like I’m standing too close
And I’m about to be cast, thrown in the imbalance

For all the beautiful words and the beautiful voice
Already I’ve given too much into what was only spoken
Remembering actions – and inaction – speak more loudly than poems and silence

Weak in my own stance because I lost sight of my journey
I looked into myself today and realized my worth
A topic of which you’ve spoken, yet,
Again, leave unmatched in other verbs

And I hold no bitterness –
In fact, I really understand
Being dead center on a bridge that threatens to fall
Known safety behind you
But a promise of uncertain adventure ahead
– which one is greater worth the risk of moving?

But the question has no answer without time
And time has no meaning which we do not assign
So I’m assigning myself to peer through doors left open
Know only that you are still yet not locked out

And if you make it off that bridge in time
And find yourself on uncertain grounds
I offer no promise of absolute safety or clear direction ahead
But my company you may count on – I’ll forge that path with you

Give Sharkey a piece of your mind.

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