song for the shimmering

Where is the life you promised me?
Where are the dreams, together, we birthed?
Where have they fallen to
in the waste of an empty heart?
Where is the laughter and the fun once held
in hands so trusting and fruitful?
Where have gone the light and the truth we understood?
Your words now fall with echoic shatters,
delicate little pieces of what once was dreamed to mean life,
oh, sweet little glass figurines.
But what is glass anyhow?
Transparent form of sand
slipping through my fingers
with the rapidity of the life you snatched from me.
but where are they flowing?
Where does the river of time take them now?
Into a sea of desolation,
swallowed into memories?
into discarded notes and cards
and torn pieces of Christmas wrapping, years past?
yet, are they discarded?

are they discarded?

Merely, I like to think, they carried on away
to shimmer and shine on the ocean waves
glinting in the memory of our hearts,
perhaps just once in a while.
Treasured always, they are in
that glinting, fleeting light with
its quickness to duck away,
its elusive teasing life –
to glimmer for a moment,
a unique and beautiful light
ever unfound, unmimicable,
untraced in every way –
our moments,
our love.
We will not be forgotten.
No, never that,
and we will not be discarded –
no, that wouldn’t be right.
We will be merely tossed to sea
on open breeze,
thrown into the world on wild winds
to pursue and find our life.
and when life is found
we will look in our wakes
and find, shimmering always
that intangible, fleeting light.

I will always be your iridescent lover.

[Remember me in the waves.]




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