liberation through balance

This was my theme for 2014, both as (I like to think it was) I decided and as it was handed to me.

On the topic of balance, someone recently said to me,

Balance, I guess, can be viewed in two ways: in the verb tense, as in to actively balance something with something else, and the noun, which would be a fixed state in which everything is perfectly equal on both sides and the scale has been equalized at zero in the middle… We, as pieces of the universe, are in a constant process of balance where we are always adding and subtracting from either side, trying (or not trying) to reach the perfect integer of balance and perfection [zero]. I figure if a person, or anything for that matter, actually did reach a state of perfect balance then they or it would probably vanish into nothingness and become one with the universe.”

Beautiful, right? I know. It was all the inspiration I needed for my newest addition & most “inspired” piece of the year thusfar:

fall in (2014)

Ever yours,


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