I am the captain.

I am the captain.
Though I give roll to the wave,
I’m calling the shots on how they break on the bow.
Steering my path by the light of the stars,
I’ll ever embrace the delivery of the winds,
Adjust my sails to meet them,
Drive me forward in my course.

I am the captain;
I ride turbulence and smooth seas with a fiery passion alike
Undeterred from the treasure I seek,
I’m marking my own map on my heart
Uninked, as it’s not for others to follow; nonetheless
I keep room on my deck for those that seek adventure
in exchange for moments of camaraderie
and warmth in my breast for stowaways without intentions to stay

I am the captain
Taking cue by rise of the sun and moon
Heeding the water and listening to the wind in the storm,
This water is mine for the claiming!
No scar will blemish the beauty of my figurehead (she wears them well),
No hail rains fierce enough to bring down my foremast!
Whatever is lost, my flag will rise again,
For if I’ve learned nothing else being at sea,
I know the movement of the worlds in the night promises
“there is always tomorrow.”

I am the captain!
Do not think I will not ride this out
or give hesitation and drop anchor
I have set my course
I’m sailing full speed ahead:
I will make it so.

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