in her honour (for bee)

divulgence violation begrimation
a search of over ten thousand ways
to describe the source of your pain

vituperative contumelious cacophony
I’m surrounded by a million different syllables
word patterns of abused and manipulated
Latin and Greek roots
that grow nothing near to the tree upon which
our relationship has been lynched

I’ve sat for years in silence
hoping to find just the right thing to say
I thought time would tell me how
but given my chance now
heart tongue and mind all fail me together
I am left naked, nude, bereft of the elocation
necessary to say this right.

desole perdon scusa
Other languages have fallen short to this point
I’m trying, I swear
to be to the point
but the point is an emotion not placed in any collection of reference books

umbrageous despondent atrabilious
The hurt that has befallen me
the perpetrator and bearer of the burden
a blind man left in an open field forever seeking the light

I have grown old searching for the words
that I’ve found don’t exist
but to honour your pain with silence
bears insult to our history

Je t’aimerai toujours.
Je suis desole.
Te amare siempre.
Lo siento.
I will always love you.
I’m sorry.


Featured Poem of the Month (February 2014) by Subsynchronous Press.

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