Naturally Inclined (a poem)

Written years ago, by now. Still relevant. How time flies…

for my love.

Talking with you is
Whispering into the wind:
a thousand echoes come laughing back to me
Spinning on a dirt devil of past personal secrets and
inside jokes opening themselves like morning glories to the moon’s late melody.
Though the story is entirely your own,
I can’t help but wonder if the narrative is omniscient
Yet told through your lips
By an outside viewer experimenting with two bodies
Running parallel plot lines to similar fates,
Which is how I found you
— or did you find me?
Was there ever any finding necessary
Or was this just the adjoining of two rivers
Meeting at the mouth,
Two separate journeys eventually destined by nature’s design to reunite?
Thinking of you, the whirling scales of my Libra mind
Find swaying rest –
Flying on to do’s, ambitions, have-not-yet’s
My mind slows mid-arch at the sight of your face (I can feel it in my fingertips)
And lingers on the memory of free-falling gracefully into your gaze
As might the night owl appear on the snowshoe
Before soaring in the euphoria of your kiss
Her prized prey taken at last.
I could complete that life-cycle with you every night and
Find new joys erupting within me
Each time the rabbit dies to ensure another’s survival.
Playing out nature’s yin and yang,
We’re natural complements:
I’ll set as you give rise,
Grow wet to nurture your heat,
Soften and yield to your hardness and direction.
Let me look into your eyes and find my admiration evenly reflected,
Listen to you and find my tongue stilled by a sweeter sound,
Sit with you and find mirth awakened,
Touch you and find my weaknesses evolve your strengths –
Surround me and find my fears quelled by new confidences,
Be with you and find myself (our self)
In balance.

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