I find myself struck by moments of devastation.
The fight of the past year bundles and collapses
An exhausted heap of wasted energies within myself.
Did we give up or just give in to time’s plan?
The shrunken spirit stares big-eyed
Caught off guard by the cavernous echoes of her gutted temple.
Like electric wires whip wildly in the wake of a storm
the heart strings sway and slap at one another,
momentarily sparking flickers of a smile
then recoil and prepare for backlash.
How foolish they were to loosen grip on such a prize!
They crack at one another, sadistic.
Their electric snaps unleashed in ironic bouts of laughter –
A siren’s song, though they’re telling themselves it won’t happen again.
my spirit sits in the windowseat of her eyes,
Listening to the way the songs of life fall into the endless darkness of her once glorious temple
Blending in indistinguishable dissonance at some infinite end.
Prying through the fog of disenchantment the light of the world that made her dance,
Illuminated her temple
For a chance to shine again and stretch out,
Bridging the gap between mortal time and the universe,
For this is life
And she intends to live.



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