the hypocrite stage

I can’t say I’m a fan of spiteful writing, yet we are all entitled to a moment of passive aggression and I’ve lately seen too much not to want to just “put it out there.” So, after some days of debate and in lieu of something more personal and abstract to the audience at large (and unfinished), I’m taking a moment to express some frustration at those spending some extra time in that hypocritical half-committed to reality and the other half given to glory stages of their journeys. May you open your eyes soon.

You wear your spirituality like a trend
Preaching unwritten rules like god’s law
Walking a path of “humility” as your runway
For all the world to see
Selfie the selflessness
Say your prayers out loud
And boast on your humble heart
Like a tourist trying to fit local
You mock the earth with praises
You eradicate by unmatching, careless action
(Her teet in one corner of your mouth
The cock of industry in the other)
And condemn others for their contributions to love’s end
From your crystal chamber where you let none in
You wish to save the world
But you’re too focused on saving yourself
All while ignoring this self-servitude
You reflect without a mirror on your heart
You are the savior sent to save everyone from his own ignorance
Save your own

Give Sharkey a piece of your mind.

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