I wrote it in a dream state

From some weeks ago…
I bathed my mind in moscato
While you massaged me in delicate honey tones
Pouring soulfully from your horn’s resonating gape
In exchange for hello, you gave me poetry
And for my mind, your heart
Followed at last by my trust for yours, physically bonded
Don’t let the brothers get it twisted –
It’s not the white man got your mind
But a white woman got your heart
While you run out unto the world to wage the war
I make my magic in the ways that I do
Unknown to, but maybe suspected by, you
Until you steal back away to our slice of heaven stolen
Slice into the meal of love made for you
Cleansing my day’s stresses in kisses
This ritual we will repeat behind closed doors
Looking the other way when would-be suitors come to call
Believing the throne beside empty
Ignorant to the knowledge of whose hands replace the crown upon the others head every morning
You’ll try to stay one step ahead
Pretending not to know you’re getting all the best of me and plus
“If we ever tried,” this would last and it would be easy
Already anyway we last and we haven’t even tried
Compelled to keep one another aflame
With the force of two magnets of the same pole

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