Sidenote [a plug]

I started my venture in blogging for other than personal reasons (and let’s be honest, this is still a very personal website) at the onset of 2012 at My intent was to share some of the aspects of my lifestyle that allowed me to live a little more naturally, cheaply, and consciously, at the time, in college, and then in “the real world.” I fell off of it and have recently decided to pick it back up as I have nothing but more to offer. With a still personal touch, this one is more informational with a few tongue-in-cheek references here and there.

If you have any interest in making moves toward sustaining yourself and revering dear mother earth in the process, you can start checking it out weekly for tips that can make a difference but don’t require you look like an environmental extremist.

Give Sharkey a piece of your mind.

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