New Newness [an update] & Haiku

2015 arrived in an unexpectedly delighted way that seemed to promise that hope is not all bad to carry.

It’s also bringing a few new delights for my lovely little site, which, as of January 8, will have reached the end of its first year.

Including a new site name (please note:, moving forward, you can expect to start seeing:

  • more media of various sorts, namely as it relates to the reading of poetry & prose;
    • As a former spoken word artist, I have many pieces that just do not translate aesthetically or capture the same sentiment on paper as when actually performed. I’ll be using this means to start bringing some of that to light again.
  • more personal-political expression;
    • I have poems that allude to my feelings on the socio-political atmosphere, but I’m still choking on how much the world isn’t hearing. I intend to start dedicating a portion of my writing, when I feel so inclined, to illuminating ideas and occurrences I believe to be of significance.
  • more vulnerable Crafted Thoughts;
    • It’s my site.
  • more Student Features;
    • I’ve been expanding my outreach to find stunning young voices to shine light on and have selected a few rising stars. The first 2015 Student Feature will be up by the end of the week.

Lots of exciting things, plus a few things I’m keeping under wraps while I continue to work out the details. Time to close out with a brief haiku. Thanks, as always, for your support and remember – feedback is always appreciated.

Ever yours,




(new year)

I ran to the edge,

My feet lifted from the ground –

Time gasped! On we soared.

Fireworks by Victoria Pickering

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