Clean Linen [a poetic]

I guess
It’s been a while
Since I got to my laundry
I found the towels we used
After that time
Right before the last time
Right before Christmas
Right before the last time
Meant “the” last time.
We’d started right off twice a day
Twice a week
Said you couldn’t have enough
That it wouldn’t always have to be
Like that
Running around on borrowed names and alibis
We also meant it wouldn’t be
Like this
Making ancient pains and familiar lies
The new alibi for why
We don’t think it’s gonna work out,
You want to take another moment before
Breaking her the news
Becomes my taking a moment
To break it off,
Weakness lives protected in your heart
While love lives in mine
Making me weak to protect yours,
There’s still stains on the sheets
We tried to use to make our bed
Then turn our noses up at laying in it
Like we can avoid seeing it’s our name
On that grave
Avoid that we didn’t take time to wash –
How did we come to this?
How did it get so far to
Fall so low?
I guess
It’s been a while
Since I got to my laundry.
You’ll keep busy with another set of sheets
I’ll be busy with the bleach.
Rinse, wash, repeat.

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  1. simply stunning, beautiful lines like a music melody:)

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    1. Sharkey says:

      Thank you for such a kind compliment!

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