some Friday lunchtime sensuality

Warning: This may be blush inducing for only the very sensitive.

I generally keep these to myself and a very select audience, but this one just keeps calling to be read.

 [sweet honey bee]

Tell me your secrets –
write them on the tip of your tongue
and spill them like velvet on my soul,
I’ll keep them forever inside me;
rest your head in the warmth against my thighs,
you need not say one word as you
replace stale and soured pains confessed
with the nectar of love’s warm nurture;
drink from the fountain of youth
for already I’m nearing twenty-six;
take me in, a part of you,
wetting the thirst of your soul
in the liquid relief of love realized,
whisper your passions
like gentle breeze upon a flower
kiss me deeply, reach into my core
talk all you need and indulge on what you want
then kiss me again
with my honey in your beard
and pour yourself back into me;
fill me with your life

One Comment Add yours

  1. Kceleste777 says:

    Sensual tantalizing imagery.


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