“This is a forever thing – just so you know” [poem-thing]

I was so young and excited to be free!
I asked if you would appreciate my flight
And not tie a string to me:
“I’m more like a bird, not like a kite.”

You laughed and kissed me dearly
And said, as you pulled me in close,
“My love, I love that you love to fly
But, this is a forever thing – just so you know.”

You told me we’d both together kiss the sky
And then each other – “it is our destiny.”
Even when the toughest moments arise,
You’ve always said, “let it unfold – we’ll see,”

And over six years we have seen, without fail,
That through trial, storms unkind, mixed up directions
We always come back to love’s sounding bell,
For true acquittal is not in the universe’ intentions.

So patience breaks a cut in the wind
With promise of opportunity for us to grow
Until back to the bed when we are laughing again
And your hug and kiss will remind me:
“this is a forever thing – just so you know.”

Terribly cheesy and I hate attempting rhyme, but it felt like coming out that way today.

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