Slug city [micropoem series]


Go ahead, pour salt in the wound

It’s only a matter of time before you understand

This generation is slug skinned and hollow-hearted

Alkaline battery blood

Funneling through the tunnels

To power an automated system.


Step, click, step, click, step, click

Pay day.

Step, click, step, click, step, click –

Don’t look left or right.

Pass through Go

But not of your own conviction

Process time through a holographic dial

11 megapixel marriages await.

Step, click, step, click, step, click, click

Pay day.


I need –

  • delivery for you.

Would you like – ?

  • your food is arriving in two minutes.

Can I borrow –

  • accept your money transfer.

I wonder –

  • according to the top Google result.

Do you remember –

  • “memories” says it happened two days ago last year.

I want to learn –

  • displaying the top ten how-to videos on YouTube.

I want to grow –

  • did you mean “I want to grow marijuana?”

I want to grow me.

. . .

. . .

  • Sorry, I didn’t understand that. Please try again.

How do I grow me?

. . .

  • Sorry, we currently do not have that product.

I’m going to kill myself.

  • goodbye.


Transcript from a behind doors recording of Senator X:

What did you expect? He is one of those h-s‘s, a fucking t****y [of transgender orientation]. You can’t trust them I mean, for fuck’s sake, are you a man or are you a bitch? And bk [African American]? Come on, this guy – this little dick with tits – is a joke. They’d have better luck putting one of the Js [of the Jewish faith] against us. This? No we [Caucasian] man in his right mind is putting up a Sambo in that office.

***Please note, some items have been omitted due to obscenity. Those offered in brackets are this journalist’s edits.

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