Fresh start.

Sometimes, you open your eyes and realize you’ve spent too much time saying, “I’ve had enough” and not enough time rewarding yourself for recognition that you deserve better.

The past weeks have brought much insight to my life about myself and my direction and my straying from that path, and this week, I’ve been given the greenlight by the universe to pursue the opportunities to make some changes.

It’s refreshing. I feel as though I’m peeling off skin that died for shedding a year ago but never made itself quite fully away from my body.

In honour, a very brief, raw poem.


It’s the feeling of

your stomach sliding into the back of your spine
as everything inside of you
shifts –
a test of balance.
but the only balance here
is between the earth and sky
and me, a lone pale figure
measuring the distance between them
with my arms spread wide,
my stomach, my spine, my feet behind me
graceful, finally, like i was made for this,
the wind’s damp cool fingers slipping off my face
trailing my body, trying to 
catch me – – –
free fall. and not a care in the world.
i can’t help but smile
at the quick way
the earth will embrace me
once again.

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