Back to school: micropoems

My family of friends is spread across the country, but a great majority of them reside still in Texas and in DC. Today, literally about a hundred of them either started school themselves as students, teachers, or parents of little ones.

I did not join them for the first time in fifteen years, but my heart and well wishes for beautiful starts or continuations in the journey of education was still with them and thousands of others across the country. Most of all, my heart was with my former students, as it will ever be, and their journey in education – and life – and the many obstacles they will face in our system.

These micropoems are just two of many for them.

(tiny hands)

100 tiny digits ball into little fists

trying to hold the hand

that simply isn’t there.



it wasn’t shiny or even crisp

it should have been my breakfast

but i brought this here for you

as my “i promise i’m not a bad kid” peace gift –

please remember this offering

when I break the thirteenth rule.

Give Sharkey a piece of your mind.

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