Back to School: New Student Feature!

In some places, I feel the pains of teachers that have already put away their swimsuit for the rest of the season in favour of a rainbow assortment of cardigans and fun ties. Although I won’t be joining that legion this fall in the way I have the past two years, the back-to-school season still puts me in a very excited and readied mood. To celebrate, I’m pleased to announce a new student feature has been added, this one by a young woman who will be starting her high school experience in two weeks. Go check out Heaven’s feature poem in the Student Features section.

But where has Sharkey been? And what happened to all of the poems?

In addition to the summer life thing, which is filled with too many adventures and beauties to count, I have been writing as fervently as ever, and editing too – submitting poems to potential publishers and working on my own special project as well, about which you can expect more information as the fall settles in. As far as the rest of what used to be featured on this site, I’ve decided to keep things cleaner by limiting myself to no more than about 30 pieces at a time, which is still quite a bit. I’ve also added a “Crafted Thoughts” page and as more is added to that page, the number of poetic pieces you’ll be able to view at one time will decrease, but only a little bit. 

Stay tuned and, in the meantime, devour something beautiful by the young poets.

Give Sharkey a piece of your mind.

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