Speckled (a micropoem)

Eggshell. Tread lightly. My insides have all run out But aren’t I still warm to the touch? Enjoy my sanity with your breakfast.

Self-Musing 4 (poesy)

Strong Applied liberally to others But like the root that dies To give sustenance My tongue fell out of my mouth Upon looking in the mirror. You don’t know of the grace with which I’ve maneuvered through the darkest paths to no fault of anyone but the trumpet who so loved its very own existence,…

Heaven’s mess

(A throwback)   The place I heard heaven’s message was where I stood and could see no distinction between the parts of you and the parts of me, mixed up in beautiful chaos, and realized experiencing the universe was what we called “love.” It has been ever so simple since.

For my muse (a micropoem)

Just renewed my domain. Three year anniversary, after a dark, nameless slump of antagonostic blank pages. The brief turned into a chapter into an epic Carolyn Forche style. 3 years ago My pen alive again So inspired I kissed you And every time my lips parted Words tumbled secrets Buried into your beard The greatest…

The unmarked boxes in my closet

I had a legal marriage once. He was noble, sweet, compassionate, and fiercely intelligent. He loved me and I loved him. It was as simple as that (as he often said). When people asked me why I was marrying him (we were both very young, and I was somewhat of a burning car while he…

Once alive [a poetic]

I was alive before I met you. The sun rose every day, Bringing light under crevices, chasing Shadows into corners; The wind pulled my hair like A teasing child, and The moon sang her orange solo, Awaiting the sound of the wolf’s. I wrote sometimes, cooked a bit And smuggled sleep out of my pillow…

Pumpkin Spice [micropoem]

Like the discarded jack o lanterns Marking the season, I walk, a woman carved out, Without love or reason.

you called for me (a micropoem)

I awoke snuggled into your mind, Clutching your brain close under me, My pillow. Let me stroke ease into your heart, Kiss your third eye, And straddle your [root] chakra To bring you back into the heavens Of our personal dimension. Skin to skin, Soul in soul, I’m here to hold. . . . ….

kesmet (an excerpt)

It is an epic. It is unfinished. So there is this… Inevitably, my name will be spoken On the undercurrent of every love line, and Every syllable of speech unspoken of things on the mind, Echoes from his heart. We collided, smashing this dimension Into a million sparkling pieces And rebuilt, me within him, him…