Rally for Mike Brown at Malcolm X Park in DC

The names are endless, you guys, and no one, even infants, is spared. Could be a cousin, uncle, grandmother, child – even your future child. Open your eyes and give a shit – the government, especially the police, shouldn’t be running things: PEOPLE should, and that includes you and me, but we’ve got to stop being distracted by all this other mess, whether it’s Blue Ivy’s hair or who wins SYTYCD. Tune back into the unscripted reality and 1) educate yourself fully – there’s a history to the nation and the world beyond white domination, 2) question your information and your sources’ biases, 3) love your neighbour. And sometimes love looks a little ugly, especially when you’re neighbour is being bullied. I personally am a fan of fire, though, as long as something more beautiful is built with its ashes. There’s still a lot to be done and we can’t keep relying on the select few to do it – it’s easy to kill and imprison a few into muted agony. It takes a nation to change.

A photo posted by Sharkey (@withlove_sharkey) on Aug 8, 2014.