You’ve tapped into my veins
Course under my skin as it were a race
With life at the end as the prize for finishing
Replacing blood in my heart
These ventricles pump the sap of your smile
Along surface and into the folds of my brain
This grey matter flashes with the sound of your voice
I’ve got to get another hit quick
Your words drive under my wings
I’m moving to dizzying heights at an alarming rate
Losing sense of fear, doubt, and apathy
My eyes have never viewed such graces as those to which your presence leads me
I’m in full flight under your influence
Can you blame me for being hooked?
Like a hungry addict, every minute more
Every inch closer
Is still never enough
You smile – I want you to laugh
You look at me – I want you to touch me
You lean in – and in that moment, it was the perfect high
My mind ran wild with your scent
Wild on premonition that you’d leave me wanting more
Wild on finding what more I could get with another hit –
Wild on the idea I’d find your lips
Arm around my waist –
But, wait, I don’t have the trade for that blow yet
So I’m scraping and rolling your words
For short term fixes. Although I love the trips they provide,
I know I’m just biding time until we’re face to face,
And I can disappear into the dream of your reality.

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