my treasure
Funny how we hide away and protect that which we value most
Figurines tucked high on a shelf out of harm’s way
Precious gems locked in a box out of sight
Collected antiques dusted and primed to sit fir use of the eyes alone
I join this craze of bending backwards for what I want to be hidden safely
So I’ll pack you with the softest of shirts and blankets
Dress you in your finest smile one last time
And ship you far from my misgivings
I will scratch your soft surface no more
and learn to content myself like the poor child used to stare happily at the beautiful things behind the window
“You may look but don’t touch”
I didn’t know the rule would be the same when I had what I wanted at last
So I’ll shine the glass that keeps this distance between us
So you can see the beautiful Texas sun in full glory
Where your untuned voice will sing me silly country songs I will hear only in memory
And your jacket will hug you never as snuggly as I did on the back of that bike
Damning the way we share a habit for flirting with dangers
I’ll bug you no more with my trail of life through an apartment grown too small between lovers
And tuck my words and thoughts into journals that clutter shelves, nightstand, and table
No more will my voice abuse your quiet mind with romance and loosely interpreted syllables
Language is free to be as black and white as you want it
With the drawn and pitching patterns of southerners slurring words on sweet iced tea
I give you back to the security, the safe sounds of the south
The women who wear blond like I never could
The highways we traveled like bandits on the run
Grow blue bonnets in your beautiful blue gaze again
Fill your days with an earth that’s stubborn and tough
And follow the pattern the clock has drawn for you
Should you stumble into that bookstore
Or a coffee shop with a Mic stand
And give pause to think on an unexplained glare or passing shadow
Know that I’m not here to intrude or to touch
But only looking in on the man who once broke the rules of precious things
and took my heart down from its safe place
you were never interested in just looking.





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