When I look at you, I can’t ever tell if I’m dizzy
With infatuation or from trying
to make reason of the math that defies the way we’re taught time works:
Is it really only days I’ve spent getting to know you, the man that modestly tucks
himself away under a quiet smirk and precise eyes?
24 hours passes differently for each person, day, event –
It’s long and drawn out with exacerbating anticipation,
hope that my allure is still worth your time
Or flees like shooting stars eager for a new galaxy in the moments I am near you.
How is it that in such little time two people can move so far in the same direction?

It must be the musicians in us.
So averse to uneven rhythms, our minds had to find sync
We’re just two souls keeping beat,
Perhaps we’re just reinforcing the big bang
two lost particles from the same bursting star
spiraling back into one another, naturally,
or else that accident waiting to happen,
while the Fates fell asleep into Morpheus’ arms
and allowed us to become ensnared in one another’s marionette.

“hello/hi/are you looking for something/can you give direction” and
though my words to a location that I didn’t really want to send you away to were clear
I knew by the way you looked at me that
your eyes were already finding their way into me,
ignoring the blushing words that rushed out in excitement,
excited because although I asked, I thought I knew exactly what you were there for –
the music poured out of you in every step, every word a cadence that spoke to
the uncaged fluidity of your soul
– yes, finally, a real artist;
but your art has been the enchantment of my mind
a spell to which I’ve given myself willingly.

Until the Fates find the right loops to unwind our paths
and rescind the illusions building gods and queens into our visions to again
veil us with curtains of polite smiles and courteous passings,
I hope you’ll permit me to these dizzy spells and
forgive the vertigo-drunk smiles
as I lose myself in your timeless fascination.

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