Scratched track

Losing my head to the beat
I fall into the music and start to fade away…
But, hold up, cut the sound –
I’ve heard this one before,
The prelude a little cleaner.
I was almost dancing with myself again
But I know where this is going:
the skips happen just before things get good
These are the giveaways of an old vinyl
You almost fooled me, I know this one, it’s
Just flipped.
See, this record has been scratched one too many times before
And while it’s my favourite album
I find myself caught between desire to hear its song
(However impermanent)
And desire to keep my one copy safe –
To dance or not to dance?
For a woman whose hips only loosely understand the rhythm
This question is a greater struggle than most. I’m
Debating opportunity to find myself with a partner that shares the thrill for life’s jig
Or risk misstep that leaves only embarrassment and bruised toes.
Yet part of me still doesn’t volunteer control
For the needle is heavy and the spinning itself can’t be stopped,
And God knows I love to dance.
However misshapen my form appears to others,
I know this track has much to offer
and lose myself to the moment
So I’ll only half worry on the depth of the marks another player might leave
And let the music play.


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