Man’s Proud Proclamation Celebrating the Union of Earth and Man : Or, Sonnet 1

Oh Earth, oh Earth, thy beautiful sphere:
How thou enamors me more than any woman or man,
For from bowels of neither I can mine minerals for rings, hooves, and cans.
Thy woods of forests are illustrious and dear
And oh so fine as the wood grain paneling my hands felt while driving here.
How musical and captivating are the waters that ran
In powerful rivers that now stream energy through machines and dams
Oh Earth, Oh Earth, you’ve potential so dear:
Thus, how productive our relation has been!
Where mountains failed, we’ve built towers from your steel,
And where swamps sink, we’ve poured concrete to congeal
We’re making an art of the world for the next of kin
From stone to metal and fire to wheel –

Earth, look! We’ve birthed a planet of appeal.

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