loving alone

Told I have a “big heart” and asked how I do it –
Love a world that may not love back and furthermore stand alone:
“Loving isn’t the hard part;
It’s the love that’s most simple.”

Being kept at a distance and left in the dark,
Then surprise! Opening your eyes to find the spotlight on you
suddenly consumed in flames of passion for just a few moments at a time (encore! Encore!)
– That’s a trick to try;

Giving all of yourself willingly into the desires of others,
Using your heart as a vessel for transport of their insecurities and fears,
But falling into the arms of no one when it’s your own knees weakened
Is admittedly quite fatiguing;

Sinking silently to the bottom of a hole,
Not because you can’t climb or call out,
But because the world you carry weighs you down and is too loud itself to hear you shout:
That makes the list;

Being surrounded by a sea of faces smiling at you,
Yet unwilling to get too close or touch
Like a museum display and a well-mannered crowd of controlled curiosity
(or are they really there to see themselves in the art?)…
Yes, it is funny how it works.

See, love itself is very simple:
It is as it is and happens as it does,
So loving and loving alone is the easiest thing I do,
But, related and relating to? That art is yet unmastered: that’s the part that takes two.

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