Siddy C. T.

Hailing from South Carolina, Siddy C. T. is a seventeen year old high school student and aspiring author. He has been writing poetry since the age of twelve with influences ranging from the depressive lyrics of grunge bands from the 90’s to modern garage rock bands of the 2000’s, singing of lost loves and reigniting flames. In his spare time, he writes lyrics and sings lead vocals in a band, Barely Visible. He is currently inspired by the metaphorically driven lyrics of Radiohead and Thom Yorke. His favorite poets are John Cooper Clark and Shakespeare. Enjoy a sample of his poetry below, described by Siddy as “some neurotic, some abstract, but all genuine.”


My sweetheart gets so high, and searches for thrills
Her pink smile fills with smoke, and I’m alive
Perhaps only for a time
But my baby doesn’t know that monotony kills

So wear your dental floss headband and pretend you’re okay
Hide away from the facts with your mind in a daze
My time here is limited, but my loving is not
Freak of nature, call me crazy, dear, I won’t be erased

My mark upon time might be much smaller in comparison,
My mark on your life is larger than the shoe-print on the moon
I didn’t get my heart from a cereal box, or gumball machine
And if you could soak my passion in kerosene it’d burn hotter than the sun

You know what, maybe I am a freak of nature,
Because I’m quick to be cynical, but live and breathe love and peace
And in pieces the whole universe seems to spin round and round
And expand to infinity before collapsing back on itself

But in my universe, you are my sun, you are my solar eclipse
So illuminate my sides, make me feel alive
Loving is our generation, and it’s only a glimpse
Because the meaning of life is pointless if we’re all gonna die

So why meditate on death and the meaning of life,
When the beauty of reality is right before our eyes?
Drop the hatred, you patriot, don’t live just to cry
Wrap it up in my arms, your ideas, I confide

Drop the curtains sweetheart, let the sun shine in
And don’t get so pissed off when the world’s in a spin
Take a walk through the forest, grab this flower from my hand
Take a breath, open your eyes, I find all of this in just a glance

It’s true

I stare into your eyes like I’ve seen the sky for the first time
And the space between our faces could grow small if I realized
That I’ve gotta love myself before I give my heart to you
And yes I’m old fashinoned that way, I ain’t got a soul that’s made of gloom

I’ve got this time bomb in my chest that ticks away, only for you
And I explode when I miss you, Oh when your scent lingers in the room
And I know it’s really risky, in my gut I’ve got to trust
And we’ve only spoken twice, but this time… With no remorse, I’ll show my love


Haiku For The Modern Romanticist

Throw away your phone
You ain’t cheated from the world
Lost in each other

February 2015

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