Heaven T.

Heaven will be attending high school as a freshman in Fall 2014. Hailing from southeast DC, she is a multi-talented young woman with a voice not only on paper but in her soul as well, being a talented singer. The young talent, a strong woman in budding, practiced her performance and expression in her middle school years as a part of the poetry team.

It is with great delight I bring to the web her feature poem:

Masked Man

You may not wear the mask yet

your identity is hidden from me

You tell me that it doesn’t matter

yet your face won’t leave my dream

Who are you?

What is beneath the shield that
you have put up so tight
that nothing can get through

not even a touch of light.


I let your mask cover who you are

and I am ready

Take off the mask and let me
see the black beauty, the deep eyes
your soul, let the mask come off and

let the people know

You have a beautiful face
that will make the world better
That you will smile and it wouldn’t matter

You are a masked man
and it needs to come off your face

let your beauty fill the place

You are a masked man

Give Sharkey a piece of your mind.

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