prisoner of love

It was in my heart that I saw you
wandering like a soldier on his way
to a certain victory, taking no prisoners
but you caught me –
you caught me
and now I’m snared in your net
I tripped the line and stumbled in for you.

It was in my heart last I saw you
wandering like a sold prisoner through the camp.
you were searching for your freedoms, guiltlessly
I never knew you weren’t the one.
there was no trial,
but the conviction was still there,
your sentence by the jury of my heart.

It is in my heart that I still see you
wandering like a lover without a soul,
giving your passions, and taking mine fruitlessly.
you have nothing to prove,
done with your part,
but I keep falling and praying and hoping –
I’m still in love with you.

It is in my heart I’ll never see you
unwinding like a traveler found his home
declaring your love, asking me everything
to give again, to follow you
to be the one,
that one,
the one that stays
for I am molded here,
I am molded here
and in my heart I will forever stay
seeing you through the glass.


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