White Picket Fence (guest feature – poem)

In resonance to my frustration with the Lyft driver’s attitude yesterday, one of my dearest loves and relatively new writer gave me permission to share his own distaste with such attitudes and lifestyles, expressed here through poesy.

You worked hard for that status, didn’t you…

You worked hard to be in that tax bracket.You worked hard for that white picket fence.
You worked so hard for that degree.
You worked hard to perfect that accent
To build that vocabulary.
You worked hard for that straight hair.
You work hard to hide features that didn’t resemble theirs.
You worked hard to walk to a different tempo,
worked so hard trying to ignore your own.
You worked hard to smile, didn’t you?
You worked hard to master the art of small talk.
You worked hard to pretend to care about concerns that weren’t yours.
You worked so hard to fit in with those who don’t care for you.
You worked hard to not believe the sentence that precedes this one, didn’t you…
You worked so hard to secure your position at massa’s feet
To forget that you accepted the life of a well fed slave.
And now, you’ll work hard to pretend you never read this.
Much to my chagrin at its limited scope, he posts much more on his facebook, under the name of Gabriel Sigh Alen, if you’d like to find more of his talent expressed (and he has quite a bit of it).

Give Sharkey a piece of your mind.

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