worship [a poem]

Take your sins to the foot of my temple,
Prepare an altar in darkness and
Command your soul to pray well.
Open your heart to the sermon of honesty;
Bow your head before the eternal flame,
The light of a spirit with insatiable yearning for truth and pain.
Worship as humble king destined to the throne of turmoil,
Kiss the hand of your pagan goddess,
And be received repentance of her forbidden love.
Fall to your knees in hungry servitude;
Drink the communion of your privilege;
Honour the grace of a crucified love,
Pinning hands palms up for the vulnerable taking,
Then lie in your grave and I’ll build it a bed of rebirth.
Be blessed in my holy water,
let spill unforgiving purities awash the
Freckles and hard curves of your sacrifice,
Crash upon your body with the drive of the Jordan,
Remembering Solomon’s fall.
Cleansed of illusion and distraction
Open the mind for ritual study
Cast the psalms of my truths in memory on your lips,
Trace the history of humanity to the core of my being,
Read its future and live forever a prophet of the universe,
For end and beginning circles back to these moments.
This is where lovers die
For the birth of angels.
So, rise, soaked in the sweat of good deeds to
Tear the wings asunder of the seventh –
Take his place and sound your horn from the mountain of my passion
For the coming of a king.

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