as will you & I at dawn and dusk [a poem]

Maybe I was beautiful

Once, behind the dust veil

Lace dancing on the light

Blessing the space our souls danced

In the ballroom between our lips.

I look over my shoulder at you, demure smile

Mystery learned from your secret-keeping ways

Will it hurt you to count the others that

have waltzed here since you left me to my solo show?

Laughing in the swing of your arms

You can toss me around as much as you want

This crown, this halo, this goddess’ aura, it won’t fall from my head –

I’ll always survive these accidental crash landings

Letting your skin kiss mine like you only want love

I wonder whose bruises will linger longer.

We won’t learn today, smearing them in the mud

Of a destined presence in the now, our throes of love.

This laughter, those tears, that joke

All ordained for a future we can’t quite pin down

So in the quiet moments of your sleeping breath

I’ll settle to pen down the future of yesterday’s

For tomorrow’s punchline

Running along on cute toes and goofy smiles too big

To tell my somedays

How the most beautiful phoenixes

Rise out of hell’s hottest flames

And the strongest of rivers

Are a collection of the sky’s tears

And that as the sky kisses the sea at the horizon

Eventually all pieces come back together


We are but specks of dust

Waiting to settle in this universe

A veil in the light,

between breaths of “heaven” and “hell”

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  1. Fapoon says:

    I’ll have what I’m having!!!

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