forever my dream

Curled in my bed, clutching,
I feel your arms slide up mine,
and pull my hands away from my face
as you creep gently over my body to kiss
that troubled look you hate to see,
grabbing tears before they’ve fallen,
kissing every inch of me,
chasing the pain out through my skin
delivering the final cure at my lips
fingertips cradling my face turned to yours
where I see your eyes mirroring the love I have for you
and the gentle purity of your face looking at me honestly
heard confirmed in that perfect rumble of your southeast voice.
I laid with this dream for hours
Until the dust flecks in the light passing through your face
became just too much
and your hands lifted softly from me
followed by the warmth of your strong chest,
your heartbeat giving way to the inanimate hum of my bedroom fan.
How deeply lost I am.

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