the art of lynching

Many thoughts culminating in my mind in response to the disappointment of the grand jury reaffirming our institutionalized flaws and the recent death of Tamir Rice, the dragged out review of incidents surrounding John Crawford’s wrongful public murder, and the social media response. Perhaps it’s a narrow view to have, but to be white in America and to deny there is a huge race problem, an issue in the widespread misrepresentation the identities of non-white men and women that leads to a subconscious (or less so) genocide through politics and social castration, is to be of an inglorious ignorance.

This won’t be popular, but that was never my concern.

From flames, a battle cry:
“Keep white money out of their market”
but tomorrow, whispers, we’ll forget our brother for the white god’s celebration,
commercialized sanctity –
Adam Smith, Christ’s American cousin, commands it will be spent.

Forever under the foreign boot,
there is no peace for the mothers
of the toned skin sons.
Your taxes are due the men
who give their lives to innovating
the art of lynching.

Art by GaryckArtzen
Art by GaryckArtzen

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