How much of the future is in our hands?

Left with too much time to think (don’t get me wrong – I am loving what has become my five-day weekend, thank you, school district), I often revisit this question. Some days, I feel utterly in charge, like my mind is finally swinging in tandem with the universe’s energies and I was born for nothing less that day than to achieve all my golden dreams. Of course, there’d be no balance if I didn’t also wake up on others wondering how much is about what I seized for me and how much is it about my attitude simply aligning with what I was going to be handed anyway?

Questions to ponder, evermore, ever then, ever now, and it shows up in my writing frequently, sometimes as nothing more than a subtle suggestion. I’ve two to offer that, more or less or maybe not at all, bear in some relation to the Question.


pillow or pillory

I am the captain.

(I also snuck in the link for one that I quietly posted a few days ago – I’ve been doing this quite a lot lately, so I just wanted to space things out. Even keel.)

Ever yours,


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