My services offered

(*New poem linked inside*)

I lost time of most of my “day off” to actually spending more time in my school today than intended. I debate the use of the word “lost” because although it was absolutely exhilarating to have so many students and volunteers come out to help renovate our library [for our “MLK Day of Service”] AND I made fantastic discoveries relating to our theatre capacities, I have been rendered somewhat useless through the rest of my day by sheer fatigue. I also found myself again in that ever persistent question of whether or not what I was/am doing is enough to make the difference I’m hoping to with my time here, as it relates to service, teaching (especially special education), personal endeavours, etc.

Thus feeling unfulfilled by the smallness of my actions (I always arrive at such conclusion), I come here to the mystical cyber world in which I was half-raised to offer my art out to any wandering love with a minute on his/her hands and literacy in his/her repertoire. To the world, perhaps it is of little consequence, but my hope is that to at least one, it will be received in pleasance.

Venus & Satyr (2014)                  (Location: Sensuality)

Ever yours,


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