Binge Posting

Just a few days ago, I celebrated having transcribed 42 somethings of me to neatly filed links to the right that I present as my art for anyone with a willingness to take it. Tonight, I am at forty-five.

I do not promise my work to be great or well-edited; in fact, much of it is very much raw and in need of a great deal of work. That is honestly my favourite part about this new venture of mine, publishing work before I’ve shorn and shaped and ripped and patched into something that looks, in some cases, entirely unlike its origin. It’s exciting and almost tangible as I watch the words change on the screen in a way I did not before.

That said, I suspect this entire process to come to an unfortunate slow down very soon, which is why I’m getting it all out while I can – classes and work start again and though my first love is my writing, my first priority must be teaching others so they have the opportunity to do the same (except, better, hopefully).

Just so you don’t miss it, the newest additions are:

loving alone              (location: Love and…)

weightless                  (location: lightnesses…)

careless words         (location: a darker mood)

and then of course, Dear Explorer is still quite fresh (and you can find that now in Letting go…).

Enjoy the read or don’t, and, either way, feel free to let me know.

Ever yours,


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