Latest Additions & Navigation Updates

Poetry is now organized by “idea,” as best as I could fit my work into a niche. You can still browse by title alphabetically in clicking the drop-down menu under “Poetry” at the top.

Recently added, Dec. 30:

Hands (2010)        (location: A Darker Mood)

Scractched track (2013)            (location: Pending)

the poem that will never capture enough… (to my students) (2013)           (location: Lightnesses (Hope, Faith, Strength, Joy))

Clumsy barista (2013)                    (location: Lightnesses (Hope, Faith, Strength, Joy))

Smoke out (2007)                     (location: A Darker Mood)

alchemy by hope (2006)              (location: Lightnesses (Hope, Faith, Strength, Joy))

As ever, more are to follow, but this is my offering for today (and possibly before the New Year!). Enjoy!

Ever yours,


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